Music is a universal language of love, not of war” - Frenchie King




Frenchie King has been in the music industry for over five decades as a reggae artist, songwriter and music producer. He has worked with Jamaican legends Alton Ellis, Dennis Brown, Bobby Davis, Owen Gray and Tito Simon among other legends in the UK.

A top tier when it comes to reggae royalty. Frenchie was born in Jamaica where he started singing in the Church. His musical career started in the late 60's when he formed a group called the "Resurrectors." Alton Ellis heard good news about the band and met with them. Through their meeting a reggae band called “Black Stallion” was born.

Their early releases were a diversity of penetrating music genres, such as blues, reggae, roots, pop, soul, rock music and ballads. Favouring Jimi Hendrix and the rock group Free. The band covered Free's record titled “Feel like making love,” in their early days. Black Stallion became the backing band for Alton Ellis. Throughout his time with Alton Ellis the band was able to work with Studio One artists and also jammed with reggae superstars. Frenchie frequently opening the show for Alton.

During the early 80's Frenchie decided to go solo. As an all round musician, he started writing and performing his original songs released under M1 Records. Frenchie's earlier solo releases include, Your Entitled and Poor me Natty Dread. Frenchie worked with the legendary Studio One engineer Sid Buckner who also produced him. Together they worked on several projects that was released earlier before Frenchie KIng chose to lay off the music scene for a while.

Frenchie returned to the reggae music scene and went on to produce artist Owen Gray. It was during this time he also wrote the song “Black Bird” recorded and performed by the female reggae band “Akabu” in the 90's. Black Bird was written for the struggle of freedom for people all over the world. Frenchie went on to write his iconic album “People Had Enough” released in 2020. The album was inspired by the passing of his best friend and brother from another mother Loxley Fullerton.

There is so much to add to his bio. However, his music will speak for itself. Enjoy!

This song is now available for streaming and purchase on all major music platforms, as well as the New Release Page. Grab your copy today!

This song is now available for streaming and purchase on all major platforms, as well as on the New Release Page. Grab your copy today!

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