music is the light that shines in the darkness to bring forth life” - JAYTN

Meet the Founders

We Make The Right Combination


Join us on a journey through life's varied paths as we craft inspirational and relevant musical content to uplift and resonate with you. 

Frenchie King and Jenny Jay epitomize dedicated visionaries and co-founders of JAYTN Music. King, renowned as a seasoned songwriter, performer, and producer, embodies the essence of musical excellence. 

JAYTN represents more than just music; it symbolizes a lifestyle movement merging musical expression with fashion trends. At JAYTN Music, our commitment extends beyond apparel; we strive to design inspirational pieces that empower individuals to embrace their inner royalty. Our goal is to fuse fashion with the essence of music, creating a statement that speaks volumes. 

Embracing diversity and nourishing the soul with every melody, JAYTN Music envisions a locally-rooted label that resonates globally, enriching lives one song at a time. 

Stay tuned for the launch of our Merch Store, coming soon. 

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